USA Test – Think or Swim

USA Test – Think or Swim

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This is a USA Test Prep team-based, quiz show style game that works well with a projector.  

1. Login to USA Test Prep.  

2. At the top, select your grade level, then select your content area from the drop-down menu.

     3. Scroll down and click on “Think or Swim”

    4. Create team names

5. Choose 3-5 standards

Instructions: Each round a team is chosen to pick a question (clam) or vocabulary term (starfish) to answer. All teams answer and turn in a team answer to the teacher/game show host. The host then tallies the score and another round begins. Play ends when the game show host has run out of questions or time.

To end a game or start over, click the End Game button located on the bottom of the screen.



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