USA Test – High Score

USA Test – High Score

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Encourage in-class competition by making a custom scoreboard with data from your classes. You can customize the scoreboard using the filters shown. Then, periodically regenerate your custom board as students jockey for new positions.


This is a great way to motivate your students to spend more time on USA Test Prep assignments, activities, tests, and games.  Since USA Test Prep is tied to classroom standards, there’s nothing on the program that won’t help your students!


  1. Log into USA Test Prep.


  1. At the top, choose your grade level and content area.

  1. Select High Scoreboard

  1. Set your competition dates and how you want student scored ranked and click submit.  (Activity time, games, or tests)

  1. The scoreboard will then pop up and show you how all of your students are ranked.


Earn Your Stripe  

Take a screenshot of your high scoreboard and submit.

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