1 Stripes

One of the most crucial skills our students will learn is how to present themselves when interacting with others.  To make a powerful statement, eye contact is important.  The same goes when creating videos.  If students aren’t confident in what they will say when recording in front of the green screen or another app, this tool may help them.


This teleprompting web app allows the user to copy/paste text in.  It automatically recognizes when a voice is reading the words on the screen and will begin going through the text to prompt students what to say.  If the student stops, the text stops moving.  When set back near the camera, this can help students better focus their attention in the appropriate direction to make it appear as though they are looking at their audience instead of needing to look down at a paper, or take the time to enlarge words on posters they can see.

Earn Your Stripe!

  1. Have students input their text at and have them use it when they record a video or present information to a group.
  2. Submit a picture that includes the student as well as the teleprompter in action.