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Teaching time is valuable. That’s why everything on ReadWorks is thoughtfully designed to provide high-impact instruction that builds better readers. Readworks offers reading passages, question sets, vocabulary, ReadWorks Article of the Day, Paired Texts, Step Reads, Lessons and Units, ebooks, and Student Tools.

Go to Class Admin.
Create a class

  1.  Import from Google or Create a new class
  2.  Chose the grade level
  3.  Choose a name

Invite Students to the Class via Google Sign-in or Roster

 Search for a text

  1. Use the filters for text options, curriculum & support, grades, topics, text type and lexile score
  2.  Select the text of choice

Click Assign

  1.  Choose the assignment, the support necessary, the group, the start date, or due date

Students will go to www.readworks .org/student

  1.  Students will sign in via google account
  2. Students will enter the class code

Earn Your Stripe! 

Take a screenshot of your first scheduled assignment.

Stripe Submitted by Amber Beard

  • This tool allows students to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to demonstrate their learning
  • If students are reviewing reading/writing skills
  • N/A
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