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Book Creator

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Book Creator is the simple way to make your own beautiful ebooks, right on your iPad or Chrome browser. With over 30 million ebooks created so far, Book Creator is ideal for students or teachers to make all kinds of books, including children’s picture books, comic books, photobooks, journals, textbooks and more.

Unleash student creativity

Book Creator is open-ended, creative and cross-curricular. Create your own teaching resources or have your students take the reigns.

Combine text, images, audio and video to create:

    • Digital portfolios
    • Interactive stories
    • Research journals
    • Poetry books
    • Science reports
    • Instruction manuals
    • ‘About me’ books
    • Comic adventures

Allow students to self guide lessons

Create an ebook to share with students where each page is a step of a project, daily schedule, tasks etc.  Provide visual and audio supports for them on each page.  Allow students to complete the task at hand at their own pace, so you are able to assist students where needed.

Choose your platform

Building on that success, we are now developing a web-based version of Book Creator to bring simple ebook creation to even more students and teachers.

This new version will allow you to create books on any device. And it will be as fully featured as the iPad version, plus more.

  • Add text, images, drawings, shapes, audio and video.
  • Create awesome comics with the built in comic templates.
  • Publish and share your books online with our new web-based reader.
  • Work collaboratively and combine books from multiple authors.
  • Access all your books on any device.

That last one is huge. Imagine students working on a book using their Chromebook at school, then getting home and grabbing their iPad to finish it.

The free version allows you to create up to 40 books in one library!

Earn Your Stripe

    • Create your first eBook with Book Creator of at least 6 pages and paste the link below.Describe in the textbox how you used this to increase student learning.
    • Earn this a second time by having students create their own eBook and paste their link below.  Describe in the textbox how you used this to increase student learning.


  • This tool allows students to use and troubleshoot new technologies to demonstrate their learning
  • This tool allows for crowd sourcing knowledge and curation.
  • This tool allows for team collaboration.
  • This tool allows students to create visuals.
  • This tool allows students to demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the rights and obligations of using and sharing intellectual property
  • Students input text, images and audio
  • Students edit and embed videos in the book
  • Students create an interactive book
  • Students share their books with their peers or other authentic audience

Alignment to the ISTE Standards and to SAMR is intended to help teachers understand the roles these technologies have in creating learning experiences. They are not meant to be concrete classifiers. Any other suggestions on the alignment of these may be forwarded to the Instructional Tech Dept. ISTE Standards for Students, ©2016, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education), All rights reserved.


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