Cape Tiger Stripes allows personalized delivery of Professional Learning to you, on the topics you choose to explore at your own pace. The goal of this website is to provide a platform to pursue the professional learning you want, then celebrate and acknowledge your learning and its effect on students. You will earn digital badges (called stripes) signifying they have successfully applied what they learned in their instruction.

One of the biggest components of this site is technology, which can be a powerful tool to help us educate our students and prepare them to be future ready.  Our students, in order to be successful in the future, must know how to navigate the use of technology, as they will be utilizing it in every facet of their lives. So as you integrate technology into the curriculum, there will be tools that can help you here. New tools will be added and updated as needed.

How Does it Work?


First register (Click on Getting Started), search for activities you’d like to know more about or even ones you can easily complete, choose first, then earn stripes by implementing the strategy or tool with learners, and then sharing what you’ve learned.

176104bb095b131d1055bca68677be66_15After registering, stripes are earned by selecting a tool and successfully integrating it during instruction.  Your digital learning can be displayed through Credly, and can also be pushed out to social networks, or displayed on your blog or website. b10799ab7e7dc27e457995352bbe190aDon’t see a stripe you’d like to earn? Create a stripe and earn the Stripe Stripe while you do it.


The Details

There are three main ways to learn and earn: Stripes, Quests, and Levels

Stripes are different learning activities you will complete. Each task will explain what you need to do to earn it. Stripes have badges and points associated with them.

Quests are learning activities that require you gain in-depth knowledge about a certain topic, tool or strategy. For example, completing the quest on Google Certification Level 1 would require you have proficient knowledge of the entire Google Suite. Completing quests also gives you points.

Levels are your ranking. As you accumulate more stripes in certain areas, your level will increase.

Earning Stripes

The criteria for earning a stripe varies. You might be required to produce an original artifact, upload a certificate, provide a demonstration, earn other stripes, or take a quiz.

Share Your Badges

Cape Tiger Stripes site integrates with Credly, a badging website. Complete the “Join Credly” badge to set up your Credly profile. From your Credly page, you can share your achievements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Credly, your website or blog, etc.

Why Stripes?

The stripes system provides a visible way to show professional learning while allowing some freedom in what you want to learn. It also serves as an example of gamification by combining gaming elements into the training. The topics will cover areas you are expected to learn and incorporate into your lessons.If you have suggestions for stripes, please contact Jamie.


The original Worlds of Learning was created by Laura Fleming. Other resources were incorporated from Hancock Place School District’s Level Up Learning, created and designed by Michelle Dirksen; Nevada’s World of Learning, created and designed by Carrie Hillman; from Alicia Landers at Mehlville School District’s Transformative Learning Studio; and Danna Bruns at Jackson R-2 Schools’ Digital Badges in Professional Learning.

Cape Girardeau Public School’s Cape Tiger Stripes was created by Patrick Dunham and designed by James Russell.The content on this website is intended to be shared. Please use the content in these badges for your own sites, while giving credit to the authors, if stated.