SEMO’s EDvolution Center

SEMO’s EDvolution Center

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As a CGPS employee, you can rent edtech items from the Edvolution for a week at a time, sometimes more depending on your needs. The Edvolution Center offers Osmo kits (tanagrams, MindRacers, Numbers, Words, CodingAwbie), MergeVR Cubes, Virtual Realty Googles, Osobot kits, 3D pins (with various filament colors), etc. They also have a laser printer and 3D printers that you can use. They also have a poster printer that is very reasonably priced.

The EDvolution Center employees have a wealth of knowledge, willing to share how to use various edtech items and websites to adults as well as children. This is a fabulous community resource!

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Rent an item from the Edvolution Center and explain how you are going to implement it inside your classroom.

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