Reflection Using Student Feedback

Reflection Using Student Feedback

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“How a teacher can know how good he is at his job ? How can he improve his courses ? That is why, a teacher needs the help of his pupils to get feedback about his job. He needs feedback to improve his teaching skills and his teaching materials. Those feedback are also a way to create a dialogue between teachers and students.” – Student Voices

Create a teacher evaluation (for example, a Google form) and allow students to complete the anonymous survey.

Customize the questions for what you, the teacher, needs to know.  Examples of possible questions:

Do you feel the teacher is fair?

How would you improve the class?

Do you understand the grade you earned and why?

Do you feel comfortable asking for help?

Do you think the teacher treats students the same regardless of race, religion or gender?

Earn your stripe!

Upload a picture of some of your results and type reflection on a few of the things you learned or would change next time.

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