#ObserveMe – My Classroom

#ObserveMe – My Classroom

10 Stripes

Get feedback from those whose opinions will be most valued. #ObserveMe is a call to open up your classroom, your second home, to have your colleagues observe you on your terms, and give feedback on the specific things you want feedback on.

It can be as formal or as relaxed as you want. You can even StripeSmash and use QR codes linked to a Google Form.

There is also a Stripe for observing.


Earn Your Stripes!

  1. Read this article by Robert Kaplinsky, including the comments.
  2. Read this article by Teacher2Teacher.
  3. Submit a picture of your sign, analog or digital feedback results, and a reflection.

People who have earned this:

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  • Profile photo of Shannon Clubb
  • Profile photo of Emily Goode
  • Profile photo of Gina Herzog
  • Profile photo of Laura
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