How to Reserve Edtech Equipment

How to Reserve Edtech Equipment

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Your EdTech Department has numerous items available for teachers to check out to utilize in the classroom.  The following slide presentation models how to do this.  Once you reserve an item, your edtech department will ensure it is delivered by the date/time your reservation is for.  It will also be picked up when you are finished.  Be sure to reserve the item you want for the entire length of time you would like to have it (including time needed for you to practice using the tool if necessary.)

Earn Your Stripe!

Look at an upcoming lesson.  Think of how one of the pieces of equipment can enhance your lesson to further the learning of your students.  Incorporate this tool into your lesson plans.  Reserve the equipment.  Submit an image of your students utilizing the piece of equipment and include a short description of how the tool enhanced your lesson.


This stripe is only worth 1 point as it is expected you will submit this same evidence for another stripe related to what students create with the edtech tool.


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