Go Guardian Certified Educator

Go Guardian Certified Educator

3 Stripes

Go Guardian Certified Educator

A comprehensive (but fast!) course for learning how to use GoGuardian Teacher in your classroom

Getting Started with GoGuardian Teacher will teach you how to:

  • Manage your classroom with commands like open and close Chrome tabs, and lock and unlock student screens.
  • Keep track of student web activity with the Timeline and Screens views.
  • Enroll, exclude, and remove students from classrooms.
  • Import and use Google Classroom with GoGuardian Teacher.
  • Use Chat to directly and discreetly talk with individual students to intervene and encourage.
  • Access student browsing history from past classroom sessions.
  • How to get help with GoGuardian’s help center and contact our support team.

Start your training hereĀ https://training.goguardian.com/p/goguardian-teacher-training

Earn Your Stripe!

Complete the Go Guardian onlineĀ training and submit a screenshot of your certificate of completion for tiger stripes.


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