Collaborate with Your Professional Learning Network

Collaborate with Your Professional Learning Network

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A teacher who doesn’t collaborate works on an isolated island. – Robert Kaplinsky ,

All educators need to connect with others to exchange their ideas and gain insight which can help them in their classrooms.  Your PLN (Professional Learning Network) can help you do this.

Ideas for ways to build your own PLN:

  1. Follow educators on Twitter
  2. Join specific Facebook groups
  3. Follow other online sources such as blogs.
  4. Connect with teachers within your own district serving in similar roles (grade level teachers among buildings, Library Media Specialists, Reading Teachers, Coaches, etc.)
  5. Connect with educators from other districts you meet.

Earn Your Stripe

Spend at least 30 minutes outside of the school day collaborating with your Professional Learning Network.  Twitter chats should be submitted HERE(This should be a different group of teachers than ones you are required to collaborate with within your school.)

  1. In a few sentences share:
    1. who you collaborated with
    2. where you collaborated
    3. what you discussed and
    4. based on that what you will do differently to enhance the educational experiences of our students.

2. Submit a photo of the interaction or a screenshot of the online discussion/blog

Stripe Submitted by Jessica Pattengill and Tina Schuessler

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