Breakout EDU Leader

Breakout EDU Leader

5 Stripes

You’ve broken out, and now it’s time to create your own Breakout EDU game!

  • You must have previously earned the Breakout EDU badge.
  • Using your curriculum, create a game that others can play in their classrooms.
  • Create a Google Folder with step by step instructions to set locks, find clues, and a storyline that students must follow to complete the Breakout game.
  • Your game must include all digital resources, handouts, and specific directions as to how to set up and play game.
  • Your game must include at least 4 locks with solutions.
  • Share Google Folder and photograph of students playing game to earn badge.


Earn This Badge:

Submit a copy of your game folder and evidence of your student’s playing the game.

(Badge design from Hancock Place School District )

People who have earned this:

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