Pirate Race


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I’ve heard rumors. Nay…whispers of rumors. Of a reward. Of a challenge. Of a Dare. But alas! Not one for the faint of heart.

There’s a reward out there, mateys. And it’s calling out. T’ me. T’ you. But to embark on this quest, to take the plunder, ye will need to make a crew of five. Look around ye and gather together five of the blackest-hearted pirates among yourselves. Ye must all be employed in the service of the district, ye know.

But now, before we give ye the details of this adventure, let us speak of The Code. Do ye know The Code?

Ye and your land-lubbin crew will compete, shoulder to shoulder, in five fun and dangerous events over the span of the school year. Yo ho ho! There are first-place prizes to be had, as well as points for yer team. And beware—yer first challenge will be today, even before you’ve found a crew. You’ll be on yer own on this one, buccaneer, but yer points will count for your future crew, so put yer back into it or you’ll be dining with the fishes in Davy Jones’ locker. Now avast ye, heed my warning—ye cannot compete in any event after t’day with less than three of yer crew, so don’t be trying to hornswaggle your way to victory or you’ll be walkin’ the plank like a scurvy dog.

The points ye receive in each challenge will be based upon thy crew’s achievement. There’s no room for slackers, here, or you’ll scuttle your ship fer sure.

Now listen closely, there’s a few ways t’ cheat that won’t have you taking a short drop with a sudden stop, if ye know what I mean.

First, if ye assemble a crew with both certified and classified staff, ye will earn extra bonus points, bucko.

Secondly, and more importantly, if ye select a crew that represent more than one black-hearted building in the district, then it’s bonus points galore! Yer gonna need every point, matey, so grab em up!

Now the cost for such a glorious adventure is only $10 per sailor, a mere pittance for the reward that surely lies ahead.

A thousand big ones, that’s right, matey, a thousand dollars to the courageous crew that sails to the shores of victory, and a boatload of cash for those who barely trail behind in their wake.

Now remember, yer own yer own t’day—but try yer best, me mate.

And in the days to follow, pick yer faithful crew by August end.

It seems that the rumors are true…rumors of reward, of adventure, and shiploads of fun!

Be ye ready for The Pirate’s Dare!