Thrive (Part 3) – An Expedition

Thrive (Part 3) – An Expedition

4 Stripes

Reflection and Discovery showed your and your students’ or colleagues’ mindsets.  An Expedition will explore ideas about mindsets and how those non-academic factors have an effect on learning. Read through the following articles and websites to see different ideas about mindset.

Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck

  • [ted id=2156]

Academic Mindsets

Camille Farrington and David Yeager

Four Key Mindsets

  1. I belong in this academic community;
  2. My ability and competence grow with my effort;
  3. I can succeed at this; and
  4. This work has value for me.
Growth Mindset-Specific Resources
Belonging Resources
Self-efficacy Resources
Purpose and Relevance Resources

General Resources

Other Connected Resources and Ideas

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Create, and submit below, a document, graphic organizer/infographic, or video about how mindsets have an effect on learning experiences that include the following:
    • How do student mindsets affect their learning?
    • How, do you think, negative mindsets in classrooms permeate the culture of that classroom (or school)?
    • What types of learning experiences can educators integrate that might help to these positive, growth mindsets?
    • What barriers are there to this integration?
    • Describe a learner with an academic, growth mindset.

(If you know of any articles or resources that could be added, please contact Jamie.)

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