Thrive (Part 1) – A Reflection

Thrive (Part 1) – A Reflection

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Thrive. This is the goal of the education system. That students thrive on their own outside of the system. Educators play a crucial role in the preparedness of students. Students can be institutionalized for (dependent on) the educational system or they can grow and learn on their own. Not just the “good” students, ALL students. Why? Because they are ALL capable.

What do you believe about what the capabilities of your students, of your colleagues, of yourself?

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Create a reflection document about your mindset and beliefs based on the following questions and a survey:
    • Questions
      • What was learning like for you growing up in school?
      • What does learning look like to you now?
      • Have you grown as a learner and how?
      • Do you truly believe that every student has the enate capability to learn at a high level, no matter their circumstances?
    • Survey
  • Upload or share the link to that document below.

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