Thrive – A Learning Experience

Thrive – A Learning Experience

10 Stripes

Thrive – Learning Experience is a challenge to explore the mindsets of educators and students and their effect on learning.

Much of this is based on the work of Carol Dweck, Albert Bandura, Camille Farrington, and David Yeager. Also included is work from Deci and Ryan, Daniel Pink, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Complete all of the Thrive – Learning Experience stripes.

5 Required Steps

  1. Earn Thrive (Part 1) – A Reflection
  2. Earn Thrive (Part 2) – A Discovery
  3. Earn Thrive (Part 3) – An Expedition
  4. Earn Thrive (Part 4) – A Plan
  5. Earn Thrive (Part 5) – A Journey

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