Safe (Part 3) – An Expedition

Safe (Part 3) – An Expedition

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Reflection and Discovery showed us how you and your learners (and possibly colleagues) perceive the safeness of our learning environments.  An Expedition will explore the science and psychology behind how learners perceive their surroundings and a few tools to help increase learner resiliency to positively effect on learner mindsets. Read through the following resources to explore those concepts and tools.

Where do we begin? Well, let’s start with the things that build a learner’s brain which create the conditions through which they see the world. That way we can try to understand the full situation that learners are experiencing.

What causes negative some of the behaviors and reactions to situations in children? Most signs point to adverse childhood experiences.

 The earliest years of childhood are so important. Most educators do not get to influence learners at that age, but we do need to understand the effects of these adverse experiences on our learner. And we also need to know how to navigate learners toward skills and mindsets that bring them success.

Adverse Experiences In and Out of School

How do educators create an experience to mitigate stress and foster skills to help deal with stressful experiences?


Earn Your Stripe!

  • Create, and submit below, a document, graphic organizer/infographic, or video about how spaces have an effect on learning experiences that include the following:
    • After reading Helping Children Succeed*, what are some of the things that learners who need the most help need the most to help them become more successful?
    • What creates a safe learning environment for all students?
    • In what areas were you surprised that were areas that people feel unsafe?
    • What are some of the things you do to create a safe learning environment already?
    • What are some things your colleagues do to foster a safe learning environment that you do not do?
    • What are some things you are still unclear about?
    • What was the most powerful resource that you encountered?
    • Were there any changes in your perceptions?
    • BONUS: If you read Between the World and Me, what are your conclusions about or reactions to Coates’ perception of the world? How is it different than your own perceptions? Any other reflections?

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