Safe (Part 2) – A Discovery

Safe (Part 2) – A Discovery

2 Stripes

In Safe (Part 1) РA Reflection, you looked back on yourself and your learners and asked questions about what constitutes the threats and stressors that inhibit learners feeling safe. In part 2, Safe РA Discovery, you will ask your learners, and perhaps other educators, their thoughts through a survey or other means.

A Survey

The Educational School Climate Surveys from the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments Student Survey has been modified for this stripe that allows you to collect feedback. It is intended for students, but could also be answered by other colleagues. The survey can be found by clicking the picture below.


Do not make any changes to this copy. You will make a copy. Directions below.

When the form opens click on the 3 dots, and click Make a Copy to make a copy for yourself. Please do not make any changes to this copy.


The Other Means

You could also have learners write about your classroom or do your own survey. It could be just writing descriptive words on the board as part of a discussion and then taking a picture. Any format from which you can collect data about how the learners feel about different things in your classroom will work. Just be sure it returns data for areas which you want to collect.

Also necessary for this stripe is to get their input on what a safe learning environment looks like. So please gather that data as well.

Other Information

When collecting this data from learners or colleagues, be sure to stress that you are collecting data to help you create a better learning space so being truthful is necessary. Tell them to not try to make you happy with their responses, but to give their true reflections on it.

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Collect the feedback from learners or other educators.
  • Submit your data below.
  • Also submit your reaction/thoughts on the data, specifically learners’ views of a safe learning space.

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