Safe (Part 1) – A Reflection

Safe (Part 1) – A Reflection

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Safe. It is easy to tell if you feel safe. Is there a threat? No. Then you are safe. But what if your perception of what constituted a threat was different? What if the response level to that perceived threat was also different? What if you had little experience with regulating those response levels?

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Can you recognize threat perceptions and responses in others including learners? Are you aware of this in yourself? How do you respond and regulate? Does it help learners? How do you know?

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Submit,¬†below, a reflection document or other media created about your classroom that reflections on the following:
    1. How much do you consider learner perception of a situation when preparing your classroom and/or interactions with students? How about when a learner’s response to a perceived threat/stress is a deterrent to learning for themselves and others?
    2. How did your teachers, administrators, and/or parents deal with students/you when you responded to perceived threats? Did these work with all students, every time? Why not?
    3. How do you recognize what constitutes a threatening or stressful situation for others?
    4. What ways do you ensure that you recognize and mitigate or de-escalate perceived threats in others?
    5. Why do educators sometimes respond to perceived threats as if they are also threatened?
    6. What can constitute a threat or a stressor to a learner?

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