Safe (Part 4) – A Plan

Safe (Part 4) – A Plan

4 Stripes

Safe – A Plan will guide you through the process of designing learning experiences that will ensure that all students will feel safe so they can learn. Not every plan will look the same, nor should it.

Create an action plan that ensures that you, as an educator, recognize and create a classroom environment that seeks to help every student, no matter their past experiences, feel safe so they may learn.

Process to Create an Action Plan

  1. Seek out best practices
    • Using the resources located in Expedition or other resources, create a list of best practices to:
      • create relationships with learners,
      • recognize the signs of ACEs,
      • build learner trust in others and hope for their future,
      • protect learners against toxic stress,
      • and promote well-being.
  2. Include
    • a way to track instances of using best practices in your classroom and in your relationships with learners
    • and a way to track instances of toxic stress that occur in your classroom and/or in your learners’ lives, if that information is available.
  3. Include others
    • Share your ideas/collaborate with others, including SPED teachers, building counselors, and social workers. Consider sharing with your department or your PLN and get their trusted feedback.
  4. Create a schedule of benchmarks 
    • by which you will integrate best practices
      • with checklists as formative assessments.

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Using the process above, submit a plan following the process above.
  • Include a screenshot or screenshots of benchmark activities scheduled into your Google Calendar.