Safe – A Learning Experience

Safe – A Learning Experience

10 Stripes

Safe – A Learning Experience is a challenge to look at¬†learners as individuals who have to feel safe before they can even begin learning. That means that every student is different, with different needs and perceptions of their environment. How we recognize and respond to these needs can make or break a learner’s feeling of being safe and therefore their educational successes–even if this is more difficult for some learners than it is with others.

Much of this is based on the readings, Helping Children Succeed by Paul Tough¬†(PDF) and the most up-to-date neuroscience of how learners’ brains function.


Earn Your Stripe!

  • Complete all of the Safe – A Learning Experience stripes.

5 Required Steps

  1. Safe, A Reflection
  2. Safe, A Discovery
  3. Safe, An Expedition
  4. Safe, A Plan
  5. Safe, A Journey