Passion (Part 3) – An Expedition

Passion (Part 3) – An Expedition

3 Stripes

Reflection and Discovery showed us what our passion looks like to you and your learners (and possibly colleagues).  An Expedition will explore ideas about how to best use Passion Projects at different age levels. Read through the following articles and websites to see different options for Passion Projects.


Overview Videos:

Articles & Research:  (EBSCO; Available on campus only)




Earn Your Stripe!

Create, and submit below, a document, graphic organizer/infographic, or video about how Passion Projects have an effect on learning experiences that include the following:

  • How do my students feel when they are learning in my classroom?
  • How do I differentiate my learning to incorporate student choice and student interests?
  • How do Passion Projects have an effect on learning?
  • How, do you think, would classroom management change while students work on their Passion Projects each week?  What things can you anticipate will be challenging, and how will you handle these challenges?


(If you know of any articles or resources that could be added, please contact Jamie.)

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