Activate (Part 5) – A Journey

Activate (Part 5) – A Journey

2 Stripes

Thus far in Activate LX, you have reflected on, discovered about, found ideas for your classroom, and created a plan to activate powerful learning in your classroom. In a journey, we will see how you implemented your design.

This stripe cannot be earned immediately. This stripe can, at the earliest, be earned 3 months after the Passion (Part 4) – A Plan stripe.

Earn This Stripe!

  • Submit below using your choice of media,
    • Explain or show how your classroom has changed since Activate (Part 4)- A Plan. Include student evidence.
    • Explain or show what iterations, or changes/improvements, you have made or would like to make.
      • Explain or show how students have responded to those improvements.

This stripe can be earned up to two times per year.