Activate (Part 1) – A Reflection

Activate (Part 1) – A Reflection

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Activate. We all think we know how kids learn best. What are the best ways that kids learn? What if our experiences bias how we think kids learn best? How would we know?

Can you recognize the things that you are currently doing that are extremely powerful in helping our learners learn best?

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Submit, below, a reflection document or other media created about your classroom that reflections on the following:
    1. What do you consider good learning habits and activities for yourself? How is that different than for your students?
    2. How do your students respond to the learning activities you prepare? Did these work with all students, every time? Why not?
    3. How do you recognize what works and what does not?
    4. What do you find that truly works for student learning, not just engagement or compliance?
    5. How much of their home life, parents, and other non-school factors have an influence on their learning?
    6. Can those factors be overcome for most, if not all, students? How?


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