Redefinition – SAMR Model

Redefinition – SAMR Model

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The level of the SAMR Model reached in your lesson will be marked on your walkthroughs. It is important you understand the difference in levels so that you can provide your students with experiences that allow them to utilize technology in different ways.

The Redefinition Level of the SAMR Model is obtained when technology creates an experience previously inconceivable.


It is important to note, it does not matter what technology tool you are using, rather the SAMR model focuses on how you use it.  While it is a goal to reach higher levels on the SAMR model, this isn’t always appropriate for a given activity.  See the following video for further explanation.

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Reflect on an upcoming lesson.  In what way(s) will you incorporate technology at the redefinition level?  How will this benefit students?

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