Knowledge Constructor – ISTE Student Standards

Knowledge Constructor – ISTE Student Standards

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What is a knowledge constructor?

“We teach a subject not to produce little living librarians on that subject, but rather to get a student to think…for himself, to consider matters…to take part in the process of knowledge-getting. Knowing is a process, not a product.” – Jerome Bruner, Toward a Theory of Instruction


  1. Students plan and employ effective research strategies to locate information and other resources for their intellectual or creative pursuits.
  2. Students evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility and relevance of information, media, data or other resources.
  3. Students curate information from digital resources using a variety of tools and methods to create collections of artifacts that demonstrate meaningful connections or conclusions.
  4. Students build knowledge by actively exploring real-world issues and problems, developing ideas and theories and pursuing answers and solutions.

Teachers who build up knowledge constructors in their classrooms help students to:

  • “plan and use digital research strategies.”
  • “critically analyze digital resources and information.”
  • “find and synthesize various digital resources and information.”
  • “research real-world issues.”

(From page 8 of the Ed Tech Product Development Guide by ISTE)

From ISTE Standards for Students, “Students critically curate a variety of resources using digital tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.”


Earn Your Stripe

  • Watch the video above.
  • Submit below any experiences you completed with students that pushed them to be knowledge constructors.
  • Explain the connection between these experiences and the ISTE standard.

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