Interactive Lessons with Google Slides

Interactive Lessons with Google Slides

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Google Slides is one of those tools which is extremely versatile.  You can add links to anything, insert video/audio/comments for feedback, create sorting activities, as well as turn physical independent practice sheets into a digital format. When presenting with Google Slides (even if it is a blank one) you can turn on Closed Captions to have your audio appear as printed text.  Take advantage of screen recording with another tool like Screencastify or Flipgrid to record your presentation to allow for later sharing your teaching and students’ learning in a way that is accessible for many. The following instructions will help you accomplish creating an interactive slide presentation as well as offer tips for feedback.

Turning PDFs into Images to use as Slide Backgrounds

1. Use to convert the PDF into an image file.
Using Images as Slide Backgrounds
By inserting images as slide backgrounds, students cannot easily move, resize, or delete the independent practice you are wanting them to complete.
1. How to use images as background in Slides (note how to customize slide size to fit the size of the background image):
2. Sample Google Slide:


  1. When adding text boxes for students to enter answers, be sure to use a Caption slide.  Then, edit the box that says “Click to Add Text” to the appropriate size and a color that will stand out to both you and your students.  This will make it easy for students to see where they need to input answers and for you to see where you need to check for understanding and possibly add feedback. 

2. When adding slides for students to reference a page for information or on which you want students to insert lines, add a blank slide and insert the image as the background.

3. How to comment on student work done in Google Slides.

4.  Create an audio comment by using Save the audio recording.  Click to show in folder.  Rename the comment to something you’ll remember and drag it over to your Google Drive.  See the video below for how to insert this audio as a clickable icon.  (This is best done prior to students completing the interactive lesson, whereas posting a link to the video in a comment is best when utilizing as feedback as it will stand out more to students that a comment has been made.)

5. Create a Digital Spelling Board or other activity requiring an infinite cloner idea. SAMPLE HERE

6. Creating a recording using Closed Captions in Google Slides.  This example uses Screencastify, but you can also use Flipgrid or another screen recording tool.


Earn Your Stripe

  • Create an interactive slides lesson to utilize in a blended or virtual learning environment.  Include at least 3 interactive slides.