Google Classroom Grade & Return

Google Classroom Grade & Return

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Google Classroom – Grade and Return an Assignment


On the Student work page, you can see the current status of students’ work and enter a numeric grade after you’ve reviewed an assignment. If you make a copy of a Google Drive file for each student when creating an assignment on your Google Classroom page, you can review work in progress and add comments.

Using the Classroom grading tool, you can give comment-only feedback, enter a grade, or do both on an assignment once it’s turned in.


Click on a class whose assignment you’d like to grade.

Click on the name of the assignment you’d like to grade.  


You can then see how many assignments were turned in, and how many are not turned in.

Select the student whose assignment you would like to grade.

The student’s assignment will open in a new window.

On the right hand side, you can:

  1. Leave Comments
  2. Give the assignment a grade
  3. Return the Assignment

If you want to return all assignments at once, just enter the grade on the right, wait until it is done saving.  You can then move on to grade the next one by clicking the arrow at the top of the page.

When you have graded all assignments, close the student assignment tab to go back to your Google Classroom. If you have not returned the assignments individually, just click RETURN in the upper left corner.



Another window will open.  At the bottom of that window, click RETURN.



Once you have returned the assignments, if you click the gear in the top right, you can download your results.


Earn Your Stripe

Submit a screenshot of the assignments that have been returned.

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