HEY CGPS Teachers! No more YouTube videos getting blocked by the filters! A fast and easy way to get YouTube videos approved by our Lightspeed Internet filter is to go to https://archive.lightspeedsystems.com/ and copy and paste the video link. Do not try to unblock all of YouTube as it will not work. Once you have submitted the link, Lightspeed will tell you whether the video is already approved or it will send it through a very fast submission process.


    1. Go to https://archive.lightspeedsystems.com/.youtube link copy location picture
    2. Copy and paste the link (see above) and click search.
      NOTE: Be sure to not use the "youtu.be" link, but also the full "youtube.com" link. The "youtu.be" link redirects to the "youtube.com" and doesn't automatically allow both.
    3. Fill out the form with your email and reason. Then click Submit.lightspeed youtube url instruction example image
    4. Once approved, you will receive a verification email from content@lightspeedsystems.com with their action.verification email for youtube approvals

Happy YouTubing!!!