Written Group Consensus

Written Group Consensus

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Directions from “Placemat Consensus“:

1.)    Divide the students into groups.  Each student should write their name on one section of the placemat [or on their own paper].

2.)    A topic should be presented (either provided by the teacher, brainstormed by the students, etc., depending on lesson)

3.)    Give the students two minutes (time can be varied if necessary) to write down all their thoughts on their side of the placemat [or on their own paper].  This should be done in total silence.

4.)    When this is done, the groups should then vote on the ideas they all agree on using the thumbs-up/thumbs-down method.

5.)    Ideas the group agrees on should be listed in the center circle.

6.)    As a class, discuss ideas that made it into the center circle (if applicable).

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