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Sage and Scribe is a wonderful strategy for the math classroom especially when there are multiple (and multi-step) problems to solve. Essentially a student from a pair begins by saying, step by step, how they would solve the problem, while their partner writes it down. Roles are then reversed for the next question. This ensures 100% engagement. Questions can be board work questions, worksheets, or straight out of a textbook if you wish.

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1.  You will need numerous questions on your content (board work questions, worksheets, or even straight out of a textbook).

2. One student from a pair begins by saying out loud how they would solve the problem given in a step by step manner as their partner writes down the process.

3. If the student solving the problem is unsure, their partner can coach them.

4. Roles are then reversed for the next problem.

5. The structure ends either when all questions have been completed or when the teacher calls time.



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