Read It – Write It – Stick It

Read It – Write It – Stick It

2 Stripes

The stripe is a great formative assessment of a skill recently taught. It allows the teacher to monitor while students get up and interact with their peers.

  • The students are to read a card that practices the skill being assessed.  
  • They then write the answer to their card on their answer paper.  
  • They apply special glue (lightly lick) the back of their card and stick it to their forehead.
  • The students walk around examining other student’s problems while writing the answer on their paper.
  • After all are finished, review the answers with the students for a quick assessment of the mastery of the skill taught.


Example: Simplifying Fractions 4/8 + 1/?

Earn Your Stripe!

  • Submit a photo of the students “reading, writing, and sticking” their standard with classmates.

Stripe Submitted by Laura Jahn

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