Random Student Generator

Random Student Generator

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Random Student Generator

Select a random student from your Google Classroom at the click of a button – keeping students engaged in learning.

Using your classes that are set up in Google Classroom, you can quickly select a random student using this extension. Whether it be for answering questions in the classroom, prize draws or a tool to ensure that all learners are engaged, it couldn’t be simpler. Student images can be disabled if your class is shy and the student will be displayed as robots!

Go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/random-student-generator/kieflbdkopabcodmbpibhafnjalkpkod?hl=en and install the extension.

Click on the extension, choose the appropriate class, and generate a student name.

Earn Your Stripe!

Take a screenshot of the generated student name and picture and explain how you used this in your classroom.


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