I Have, Who Has

I Have, Who Has

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This is an easy-to-create and easy-to-play teaching strategy that is a great way to practice concepts across the curriculum.  As students listen for the answer on top of their card, they are engaged, working on listening skills, and having fun!

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Whole Class Game:
1.Distribute one card to each student.

2. As you distribute the cards, encourage students to begin thinking about what the question for their card might be so that they are prepared to answer. When all cards are distributed, select the student with the starter card to begin. Play continues until the game loops back to the original card or ends with the “end” card (games are written differently). That student answers and then says “the end” to signal the end of the game.

3. After the class is comfortable with this game format, consider using a stopwatch to time the class game. Record the time on the board so that students try each game to beat their current best time. This practice encourages students to stay attentive and prompts students to practice basic facts so that the class time improves. The current record for one of the Multiplication games is held by a fourth grade class in New Jersey who completed the deck in 59 seconds. Try to beat this record!

Discourage students from calling out answers by adding 5 seconds onto the class time whenever you hear an answer from someone who does not hold the card. Use the same penalty for students who express vocal displeasure with delays by other students.

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(Created by Amanda Kiehne.)

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