Distance Learning Heavy Hitters

link to P B S learning media

PBS LearningMedia producers and educators have come together to curate a special collection of resources organized by grade and subject area.”

learning keeps going link image

ISTE, COSN, Education Week and others have teamed up to provide resources for teachers and families.

link to TED ed

Get temporary access to ABC Mouse, Reading IQ, and Adventure Academy.

wide open school link

Common Sense created Wide Open School, a resource with content from Desmos, Newsela, NatGeo, Scholastic, and many others.

google teach from home resources link image

Google’s Teach from Home offers resources to help teachers better utilize GSuite from home.

Stripes for Distance Learning Tools

PHET Interactive Simulations stripe image

quizlet stripe link

desmos calculator stripe image

google meet stripe image

digital breakout e d u stripe icon

leagues of learning stripe

go formative stripe image

The initiative includes a series of daily posts on Jr. NBA social channels and NBA digital properties around the world that provide drills, activities and instruction to promote skill development, physical activity and character development.


Whether it’s swing, tango, hip hop, salsa, or how to moon walk, dance will definitely give you a work out.

family go noodle image for link

Get get yo body body mo mo movin’…or at least your kids.

math in real life series link

TEDed series about food and how our bodies react to it.

link to darebee dot com

Workouts, programs, and challenges for everyone including daily dares.

Great Ideas for Physical Activity & Health

Great Ideas for Social Studies

atlas obscura

Students can see places around the world that don’t make it into most resources.

sheppard software image for link

Help students know their place in the world with the best geography tool in the teacher’s toolbelt.

Wyoming LLC & Trust Attorney offers a tour of landmarks and National Parks in Wyoming.

Google Arts and Culture picture link

See art and cultural articles from around the world include MoMA, Palace of Versailles, The Tate, LIFE Photo Collection, and more!

Smithsonian Institute offers various History activities.

Engage students in government and civic responsibility using iCivics.

Do Taxes

The only thing certin right now is boredom and taxes. Let your student(s) experience what it is like to file taxes so they can understand the process first-hand.

math in real life series link

TEDed series around governmental issues.


image for link to prodigy game dot com

Build grades 1-8 math skills while playing a game.

“Ask your child these questions next time you are watching a movie at home, or at the movie theater! Work through the questions together. Ask them what problem-solving methods they used to get to the answers.”

Track stats

Working out? Cooking dinner? Buying groceries? Track your data whether it be number of jumping jacks over this event, number of calories, or tracking the budget. Learning to gather statistics and keep ledgers is a fundamental math skill.

zearn link image

Zearn is a free to use math resource by EngageNY.

math in real life series link

TEDed series about the math that is used all around us.

Great Ideas for Math

Great Ideas for Science

Science is happening all around us. Help answer all sorts of questions for students with hundreds of 5-90 minute lessons for K-5.

Create a Rube Goldberg Machine

You’ve got the stuff and the time. Make your own Rube Goldberg Machine. Video it. Share it with #rubegoldberg.

image for linking to bio ed online

Collection of science resources from Baylor College or Medicine.

image link to periodic videos

TEDed series about the Periodic Table.

Smithsonian Institute offers various Science activities.

EPIC access link

Temporarily access 40,000 books, learning videos, and more from home.

Write a letter

All you need is some paper and a pen,pencil, or other writing utensil. Have and help your student(s) write letters to their friends. Practice letter writing etiquette.

Read Alouds

Read anything and everything to anyone who listens. FaceTime Grandma. Facebook live read to friends. Just read.

image linked to audible stories

Audible is offering hundreds of free audio books, new and classics, via their website.

math in real life series link

TEDed series about writers’ skills, techniques, and methods.

storyline online link image

Storyline Online has online books read by Screen Actor’s Guild members.

Great Ideas for ELA

Great Ideas for the Arts

m c n virtual museum list link image

See museums from around the world virtually.

Follow these directions to create a fun piece of art. You can use any number of substitutes to create a kite.

chrome music lab link image

Digital music creation has never been easier with Chrome Music Lab.

tinkercad link image

Create almost anything in 3D with TinkerCAD.

Combine visual and performance arts by making a music video.