The Essential 55

The Essential 55

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Best-selling author, Ron Clark, wrote The Essentrial 55 in 2003.  The book proposes 55 rules for success in and out of the classroom – many of which focus on respect and social skills.  Ron Clark has written down 55 rules that he implements in his classroom to develop well behaved, positive, polite students. The rules range anywhere from No Doritos in the class to Always look someone in the eye when speaking to them.

Ron Clark’s rules for teaching probably will not speak to every teacher, but they do provide a great basic guideline for teaching a very specific set of students: young children in at-risk schools.

Earn Your Stripe!


  1. Do you feel this book is still relevant in today’s classrooms?
  2. After reading the Essential 55, choose your favorite 10 rules and explain why you feel these are essential in your classroom.
  3. Which rules do see your students being most successful and which rules are your students still working on?  Choose two of each.
  4. Many of Clark’s rules are common sense.  Why do you feel there is a need to implement these specific rules in our schools?
  5. Describe an interaction with a student when you implemented one of Ron Clark’s Rules.
  6. Attach an image of you with your book study group holding your books OR a list of the dates you met with the group to discuss the book.

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