Be Real

Be Real

5 Stripes

Book study: Be Real by Tara Martin
Educate from the Heart

In Be REAL, BookSnaps creator, Tara Martin, encourages you to share your unique talents and passions as an educator. Through her personal and engaging stories, you’ll learn the power of being true to yourself and find the courage to “cannonball” into the adventures life offers.– Amazon

Earn Your Stripe!

Submit a Google Drive document with an explanation of

  1. how your views have changed after reading this book.
  2.  how you have used strategies and knowledge gained from this book in your classroom.
  3. which chapter of the book you enjoyed the most and why.
  4. Attach an image of you with your book study group holding your books OR a list of the dates you met with the group to discuss the book.


Stripe Submitted by Tara Bova