A Framework for Understanding Poverty

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

5 Stripes

Read A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K Payne

“If you work with people in poverty, some understanding of how different their world is from yours will be invaluable. Whether you’re an educator-or a social, health, or legal services professional-this breakthrough book gives you practical, real-world support and guidance to improve your effectiveness in working with people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Earn your stripe!

1. After reading the story, submit a google doc summary of your favorite takeaways and how they can be applied to your students. Include a story of a student who comes to mind and how this book could assist you in making a difference in his or her life.

2. Take the quizzes on pages 38-40. Then, read pages 41-45. Submit a google doc that includes a summary of what hidden rules you were aware of and the ones youweren’t. Were there surprises?

3. Read pages 58-62. Think of a student you have taught from poverty. Which characteristics pop out at you? Were you able to provide support systems? Appropriate discipline strategies? Teach the hidden rules? In your eyes, did you fail or succeed in helping this child? Submit a google doc summary of these questions with your personal story.

4. Read chapter 7 and utilize the chart on page 81 with a student. Was the student able to create other choices or did he or she find it difficult? Look over the charts on page 79-80. Do any of the interventions seem appropriate with a current student? Submit a google doc with your findings.

5. Attach an image of you with your book study group holding your books OR a list of the dates you met with the group to discuss the book.

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