1 Stripes

Instagram is an image-based social networking platform that can easily communicate an idea through images, as well as captions. This is a good way to keep parents well informed on the happenings within your classroom.


Get your students involved! Allow them to take and edit the images, and create captions that reflect your lessons.


Earn Your Stripe!

  1. Download and create an Instagram account for your classroom.
  2. Upload a photo that reflects a concept/ lesson you are working in class.
  3. Caption the photo with a quote from the student that reflects what was being taught in the lesson.
  4. Add the hashtags #flexyoursuperpower and #ctlearns to the caption.
  5. Submit a screenshot of the post.

People who have earned this:

  • Profile photo of Amanda Hines
  • Profile photo of Amber Beard
  • Profile photo of Whitney Choate