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App Smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create projects or complete tasks.  App smashing can provide your students with creative and inspired ways to showcase their learning and allow you to assess their understanding and skills.

Research Projects

  1. Students can create video biographies for key people in history, post them online and link to them in ThingLink.
  2. Students can create digital flashcards about their topics using the Quizlet app and link to them with a ThingLink hotspot.


1. Create a graphic in Canva.

2. Enhance the graphic in Pic Collage

3. Link information to the picture in Thinglink.


AppSmashing with Flipgrid

1. Create any content specific to your class in any app.

2. Students use Flipgrid to show off their creation.


For more appsmashing ideas, read the following articles:

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Pinterest has lots of great ideas too:  https://www.pinterest.com/jameach/app-smashing-ideas/?lp=true


Don’t forget to check out #appsmash on Twitter for ideas.


Earn Your Stripe!

Create a project or lesson that uses at least two apps.  Explain how each app was used and submit a screenshot of a student’s completed creation.

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