Make learning experiences more relevant by integrating technology, preparing them for the world they will live in.

Break down the silos. You are not in this alone. No one is an island. You’ve heard it all. Connect with your colleagues.

Enhance learning experiences in your classroom with these engaging and deepening strategies that could impact your students.

Tools and resources for teachers and students alike.

Professional learning doesn’t look the same for everyone. There are many different ways to learn. Try something that fits you.

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Change a PDF to Google Slides

There are many different ways to make virtual learning interactive. In-person we would likely use paper. What if you could use what you had on paper or from a file to digitize resources you already have? What if you could do that using tools students already know how to use? You CAN take a PDF […]

August 19 PD Day Sessions – Resources and Videos

Click on the Presentation Link to see session videos.

Get YouTube Videos Approved Fast

HEY CGPS Teachers! No more YouTube videos getting blocked by the filters! A fast and easy way to get YouTube videos approved by our Lightspeed Internet filter is to go to and copy and paste the video link. Do not try to unblock all of YouTube as it will not work. Once you have […]

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Stripes are different learning activities you will complete. You might be required to produce an original artifact, upload a certificate, or provide a demonstration. Stripes have badges and points associated with them.
Quests require gaining in-depth knowledge about a certain topic or tool, e.g. the quest on Google Educator Level 1 would require you have proficient knowledge of GSuite. Completing quests also gives you points.
Levels are your ranking. As you accumulate more stripes in certain areas, your level will increase. In the future, levels will receive recognition and allow you to open up badges worth more points.


The original Worlds of Learning was created by Laura Fleming. Other resources were incorporated from Hancock Place School District’s Level Up Learning, created and designed by Michelle Dirksen; Nevada’s World of Learning, created and designed by Carrie Hillman; from Alicia Landers at Mehlville School District’s Transformative Learning Studio; and Danna Bruns at Jackson R-2 Schools’ Digital Badges in Professional Learning.

Cape Girardeau Public School’s Cape Tiger Stripes was created and designed by James Russell and Patrick Dunham. The content on this website is intended to be shared. Please use the content in these badges for your own sites, while giving credit to the authors, if stated.